F. A. Q.

If you break a mobile component, can I replace it?

You, simply write to our address customer@mobilesumisuraonline.com and we will resolve for you any inconvenience. We will check the availability of the component to be replaced, or offer you the most suitable and affordable solution.


You can order additional shelves for mobile already purchased?

You, simply write to our address info@mobilesumisuraonline.com indicating the number of the shelves, measurement and color and we will produce it and ship it as soon as possible.


What tools do I need to mount the Cabinet purchased?

Don't need any special tools, common work tools normally found in all homes are sufficient: screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, screwdriver. For everything else we: inside the package there are all the elements needed for the installation of mobile: glides, handles, screws, trims, knobs, hinges, shelf supports, ...


It's easy to assemble furniture purchased?

There is no specialization, with a minimum commitment, following land instructions, you can assemble the furniture that you have requested. In any case you can always count on our support, just write us at info at mobilesumisuraonline.com and we will respond by sending you the appropriate solutions.


What are the features to be privileged when buying a piece of furniture custom made?

The Cabinet must simply respond to your personal taste and your container requirements and space.


How do I know how much is the charge for shipping?

Shipping costs in Italy are included in the price of the furniture.


What are the advantages of buying online?

Buy online is quick and easy. With a few simple steps, from the comfort of your home or Office at any time of the day, you have the opportunity to configure your customized mobile, purchase it and wait to be delivered, and then mount it and place it in the environment for which it was designed.


What are the benefits of a customized mobile than a mass produced?

Custom furniture is studied in detail, is unique and original.

There is concern that is too big or too small, too light or too dark, it's just right, because it is tailored, was created by you and customizedand then responds perfectly to your taste and to your container requirements and space.

Plus it has a fair value, the materials used and the hardware are quality and conform to European standards.


Cleaning your customized mobile

For cleaning do not use any acidic substances and scouring pads, preferring instead fragile products for use with cloths soft and slightly damp.