Warranty and defects of conformity

Any defects or lack of conformity of the product supplied must be announced no later than 8 days from the delivery date, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, after that period the product supplied is deemed, for all purposes of law, agreed.

We talk about defects of conformity when:

-the material and/or measures and/or the type of product choices and given in the order does not match the received product (Please note that the images on this site are only indicative);

-the material or the hardware surface or structural defects of the received product.

Are not to be considered flaws or defects caused by transport and/or non-perfection and/or from improper use of the product received.

In case of complaint of defects and/or defects, "mobilesumisuraonline.com", after having checked and confirmed as reported, will, at its expense and at its option, repair or replace, in whole or in part, the product.